GynaecologyTraditional Chinese Medicine believes that periods, fertility, pregnancy, and postnatal care are unique stages to influence women’s health. Treatments of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture have been used to promote fertility and have become cornerstones in maternal and baby’s health for thousands of years. Over the past twenty years, complementary and alternative medicine also shines in the western countries. It has become one of the most popular methods that helps Western medicine increase the success rate for the following conditions:


Women can have lots of complaints around period time: from irritability, sore breasts, bloating to the extent of pain, heavy bleeding and irregular cycles. These symptoms can be worse over time without proper treatment and can even affect women’s fertility. In addition, the majority of women will experience different levels of symptoms during menopause, such as hot flushes, sweating, mood swings, insomnia, etc.
Acupuncture may improve circulation and reduce immune response to reduce heavy and painful bleeding for endometriosis. Together with herbs, it helps to balance the hormone levels, thus reducing the frequency and severity of symptoms in PMS or menopausal symptoms.


Infertility is another major issue. According to ministry of women’s affair (2008), around 15 % of couples in New Zealand have difficulty conceiving a child and eventually, 5 % of infertility patients will have IVF.
Acupuncture has been used for many years and studies show it may regulate hormones of the reproductive system. It helps to induce regular ovulation in women suffering from PCOS. Recent research also shows acupuncture might increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant as well as carrying a baby until full term when undergoing IVF.


Women during pregancy require extra care as they will present all sorts of symptoms during different stages. Morning sickness is quite common at an early stage, while muscular-skeletal pain could affect someone later in pregnancy.
Acupuncture seems become a side-effect free way to decrease the severity and incidence of morning sickness by reducing nausea and vomit. It also helps to reduce back pain in later stages. However, back pain in early pregnancy can be due to other causes, and must be checked by a GP or midwife before treatment.
Breech babies can affect natural delivery and lead to a caesarean. Acupuncture and moxibustion can effectively turn babies in the breech position. The success rate is around 90% according to reports. The ideal time to treat breech babies is between 32 to 35 weeks, although it still has an effect afterwards.
Acupuncture has been used in labour induction in China for thousand of years. It has also been used in many clinics all around world as it helps to provide gentle labour induction by relieving the natural hormonen (oxytocin), and may reduce labour pain afterwards. Generally, treatment is performed on overdue babies.
Auckland eastMed Acupuncture offers treatments for the following conditions: Painful periods, premenstrual syndrome, irregular menstruation,infertility & IVF support; Polycystic ovary syndrome; menopausal syndrome; morning sickness, pregnancy tune-up; malposition of fetus, Induction of labour, insufficient lactation; female urethral syndrome; etc.

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