Carol Yang, locum of Auckland eastMed acupuncture, has more than 17 years’ experience as a TCM practitioner. Graduated from one of the leading TCM Universities in China, Carol obtained Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine after 8 years training. She spent the first part of her career working as a lecturer at Nanjing University of TCM and also worked as a doctor at Jiangsu Province Hospital of TCM.
In 2003 Carol moved to New Zealand with her loving family. Working as a professional lecturer of TCM at New Zealand private institutes for many years, Carol also actively involved in the clinical practice for many years. She has specialized in chronic pain conditions, mental and emotional disorders, sport injuries, digestive disorders and woman health. With excellent command of English, Carol is very meticulous in her practice of TCM (both acupuncture and herbal medicine). In her spare time, Carol enjoys reading, gardening, practicing Taichi and swimming.